Back in the Studio

Once again I volunteered to assist Lewis in a studio shoot. This time the model was the very pretty Jade who is one of our HNC students.

Jade was quite nervous but excited to have the opportunity to be on the other side of the camera. This really is an experience every photographer should have. It seems so simple to ask a sitter to relax, look this way, look over there, show this expression. It is never that easy.

The set-up of lights was entirely different to anything Jade had used before so Lewis took the time to explain the way the light would fall and the effect it would have.

When taking an image, direction of the hands and eyes can be quite difficult but once Jade had relaxed a little the results started to become obvious.

The images you see here were taken by myself without the use of studio lighting so really do not show the very soft light that was used. Lewis will explain in class how he achieved this without any direct light falling on Jade.

 After a short rest and another change of clothes a different approach was taken. At the same time Lewis was explaining what he wanted his model to do, where to look and how to stand.

Using the television and shooting tethered allows the model to fine tune movements. It can be quite daunting seeing yourself stare back from a large television screen but Jade coped with it like a true professional.

Finally another change of light set-up and images which Lewis was happy with. 

These are just some of the final set of images. As an assistant my job – apart from trying to take some blog images – was to watch for stray hairs, move a necklace or hold a reflector. The last images of the day were the best as Jade had relaxed and the lighting had been refined. It is important to know when to stop and you have the image in the bag. Be considerate of your model and they will give you their best.


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