Both sides of the Camera

As we reach the end of the first Semester, it is nice to look back on one of the highlights  with the Fashion students.

Again Chatelherault was the venue. The students, some with their own models, Lewis and myself arrived early to get set up. The day was bright which caused some difficulties but Lewis was on hand to explain the use of mixed lighting. Lessons were delivered using ambient and flash lighting and the need to continuously check histograms.

Moving the model away form the window caused another set of problems but were dealt with and explained. Students all got a chance to ask questions and view results.

9a posed DSC_4501
Working with the model
8 from the models viewpoint DSC_4482
Models view
10 result DSC_4495
Lovely results
9 change of position means change of light DSC_4491
Taking in the situation

Getting the best from the model can be difficult and requires good communication skills. These were explained to students who hopefully picked up some good tips. From the models point of view it can be quite scary looking at a camera never mind a class full of fellow students. Well done to all the students who have helped out by being models for demonstrations, pressure projects or just for their fellow students. What a great team you all make.

The students then put in to practice what they had learned.

Lewis showed another talent that has been hidden until now. He became a model to help to check on how the students communicated with their subjects.

Finally we used the grounds for a mock Film Poster image. This caused much hilarity  as when trying to demonstrate how the paparazzi work, I stepped back and tripped over a student who will remain nameless. It took a few moments for the models to compose themselves.

23 Outside with students DSC_4560
Students and Tutor working together
24 students outside having a laughDSC_4561
Stop laughing I am trying to take a picture here!!

It was a good opportunity to use lighting on location with the back-up of being able to ask questions. I am sure it will help everyone in their future careers.


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