Introducing Usama

Hello! My name is Usama Díaz and I’m an HND Photography student at @nclanarkshire In a nutshell, my photography tends to be more inclined towards creative compositing, advertising and still-life; although, I enjoy producing work in other areas, as well as challenging myself to experiment outside my comfort zone, like I am doing with the upcoming […]

Introducing Naomi

Hello, my name is Naomi, and I am currently studying HND photography at NCL. To me ‘Life in Focus’ means noticing the small details in the things around us. We so often look at the bigger picture and miss the beauty of the finer details.  For my exhibition images I have decided to photograph plant life, showing […]

Introducing Mhairi

My name is Mhairi Walsh for me ‘Life in Focus’ means everything that makes someone who they are.  Their personality, hobbies and things of interest that surround them. I chose to do portraiture for my exhibition. While undertaking this project I aim to show off peoples personality while they are doing something they love to […]

Introducing Lisa

Hello to my fellow creative minds. I am Lisa. Wife, Mother, Student, Photographer, and all-round artistic enthusiast. I have studied with New College Lanarkshire for 3 years, starting from NQ and now glad to be nearing the completion of my HND, needless to say the journey has required a lot of hard work but it […]

Introducing Kerri

Meet Kerri! So here goes, another student’s post, you may think. However I am so much more than just a photography student. I am Kerri! A mother, partner and have a creative vision for my future. I have studied Photography for many years from Access level through to HND.   For our HND Exhibition as a class we have […]

Introducing Jenna

Meet Jenna! Hi, I’m Jenna McIntyre and I’m currently studying HND Photography at NCL. I fell in love with photography with taking photographs of landscapes and nature, I then started the HNC in 2017 and my passion for photography has only grown. I now enjoy all different types of photography but I mainly take landscapes and portraits. I have chosen to do portraiture for our NCL ‘Life in Focus’ […]

Introducing Gemma

Meet Gemma!! Hi, I am Gemma Ledger and this is my second year studying photography at New College Lanarkshire Motherwell. Prior to doing HNC and HND Photography I studied Art and Design for 2 years within the Cumbernauld Campus. The style of photography which I really like is still life, cityscapes/landscapes and portraits, especially more alternative photoshoots.  For […]