End of Week 6

Well it’s the end of week 6 already.  The very first HND deadline has come and gone and it’s Thursday again.

There has been so many things discussed and taught, it’s hard to know where to start!

Tuesday of week 5 saw a demo on how flash off camera works as we had a team going to the big Colleges Scotland event at the Scottish Parliament.  The demo included checking everyone’s flashguns and showing how simple the whole flash thing can be.

A demonstration on the travel packs lighting kits was done and then the students had a go to make sure they were okay with all the connectors and adapters.  We then went outdoors to demonstrate the practical use of indoor and outdoor lighting. During this Katy McGuiness managed to tick off riding a motorcycle from her bucket list!

It was a real learning curve for the students as the nice sunny weather brought up numerous problems with the lighting for them. Firstly there was the fact that the IR cells couldn’t pick up the flash from the key light to set the others off.  Then there was the issue of the slight breeze that was trying to pull the lighting stands over!!  One slightly dented umbrella was the sole casualty, and considering the amount of equipment used, that was fine.

All the students took images in the first instance using just the sunlight on the day as a record, and when they saw the difference that the fill in electronic flash makes, that was it, the penny had definitely dropped.  All of this gets put into practice for real today, Thursday 5th, as everyone is away doing their first proper outdoor shoot.  For me this is always an interesting time as it is one thing teaching students to do it, it’s another waiting for the results to come back.  Feedback will be given as a group and then it will be on to Pressure Project 2 in no time.


Big L showing what can be done in any space.


  1. Pick out your spots for the model before setting up the lights etc. This will save you a lot of lifting or disconnecting of lights.
  2. Always have a plan B, if your make up artist or your model doesn’t show, what are you going to do!
  3. Make sure your lights are weighted or it could cost you a lot of money in repairs.


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