First 3 Weeks of College

Week 1

August 29th I got to see my new cohort of HND students, which is always exciting. Everyone turned up on time I’m glad to say and we spent some time doing introductions and welcoming back a couple of past students who now want to try and get their HND Diploma.

During the week we discussed and dissected the two units I am responsible for namely, Photojournalism and Fashion.   Like most things in education not everyone will be good at every disciple but at the end of the week the students seemed to be looking forward to the challenge.

So week one finished with a laugh and everyone on a high.

Week 2

This week things go a bit heavier, as you would expect, and I went over some old ground just to make sure the summer break hadn’t robbed everyone of their HNC experience! Quite a bit of time was spent on discussing what Photojournalism was all about.


Images by S. McCurry and B. Martin

This was then follow by a demo on how the Ansel Adams Zone System works and the benefits of doing a bit of study into it.  After some head scratching I believe the students got the hang of it and I wait to see some of the results.

Fashion was the order of the afternoon and we had a bit of fun posing some of the class and discussing what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. It is always interesting for me to see what each team comes back with after the first pressure project. These images are also rated by their peers, which is always interesting!

Week 3

Another good start to the week with the finish of the Photojournalism PowerPoint which really had an impact on everyone and gave them an insight into some of our great photojournalists and some of the images that have stood the test of time.


Images by S. McCurry, B. Martin, M.B. White, P. Griffith

The class today also did their first team montages in Photojournalism and this involved putting together 6 images of the destruction that Hurricane Irma had done in the USA.  The teams were given an hour to complete and present this.  With the exception of one late team, all the results were good and a great foundation on which to build.  This exercise took everyone 17 weeks as an HNC student and now these same students are doing it in an hour. The impromptu discussion by the students was good and again I am looking forward to listening to the polished versions later on down the line.

Bring on week 4 which will see a visit from Finlay Robertson from Amey construction who will be chatting about some of the jobs that will be covered by the class. Looking forward to it.

Tips: Photojournalism

  1. Try and tell your story without words, if you can, you’re almost there.
  2. Use unusual angles and think outside of the box. Ask yourself, how can I make it better

Tips: Fashion

1. Spend most of the time setting up your lights and testing with a classmate.

2. Take notes of what worked for you, and importantly, what didn’t





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  1. Wish I was a member of the HND class, the learning is conducted in an innovative manner. Love the montage in Photojournalism task.

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