HNC Students Photograph Music Industry Event

Some of our HNC Photography students picked up valuable experience in March this year whilst covering the annual music industry event “Question Session“.  The Question Session is organised by staff and students on the Music Business course at the college.  The event features seminars and workshops for people interested in working in the music industry and provided a great opportunity for some of our students to try out event and live music photography.

The event took place at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, CCA, in Glasgow running from 11am until 11pm.  Our students worked with students from the Music Business course and the events branding advisor to work out a schedule to provide full coverage of the entire event.

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Being able to work with our colleagues and students in other departments across the college allows us to provide valuable experience for our photography students whilst also providing good quality images to these other areas which can be used for teaching, assessments, promotion and marketing.  We hope that these partnerships can continue to thrive over the coming academic years.

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