HNC Photography Class Group at Culzean Castle

HNC Students have “revealing” day at Culzean Castle

HNC Photography Class Group at Culzean Castle
HNC Photography Class Group at Culzean Castle

Our HNC Photography groups recently enjoyed a day out to Culzean Castle for a private tour of the castle and an insight into the National Trust’s Reveal Project. The Reveal project is currently running across the whole of Scotland and is focused on updating the catalogue of every single piece that the National Trust has in its collection.

The day was hosted by Alistair Fenn, a New College Lanarkshire Photography graduate from 2016, who joined the South West Scotland Reveal team in August 2017. Alistair and John Mackenzie, the South West project manager, welcomed us and gave an introduction to the castle, the national trust collection and the project. Alistair’s talk gave the group an insight into what his role is throughout the project and how his time at college prepared him for work in industry.

Alistair explains the object labelling process (Photography by Margaret Ann McKenna)

After a break for lunch we were treated to a demonstration of object handling, labelling and photography.  Two willing volunteers from each class were given the important task of donning a pair of rather fetching purple gloves before receiving instruction on how to correctly label an object.  This labelling process ensures that all objects are catalogued correctly within the Trust’s database so that it can be accessed easily and accurately.

Moving through to the castle’s armoury we found ourselves surrounded by 718 identical rifles, all of which have been individually photographed by Alistair.  Here our volunteers learned how the lighting is setup in order to take photographs of the objects that will be consistent with all other images shot at the various locations throughout Scotland.

Following the demonstration the castle custodian, Gordon Nelson, treated us to a private tour of the castle where he gave us a brief history of the building. He explained how he looks after the castle and the process of maintaining and cleaning the extensive collections contained within.  He also shared some of the stories about ghostly activity within the castle walls although claims to have never experienced any strange incidents himself.  Intrigued…?  Read about Alistair’s experience here.

Students enjoyed a private tour of the castle (Photograph by Craig Murray)

We would like to extend our thanks to Alistair and the rest of Project Reveal for welcoming us to the castle.  The insight into the project and how photography plays a part in this was a great experience and allowed the group to meet a New College Lanarkshire graduate working in the field of photography.

To find out more about Project Reveal you can visit the National Trust for Scotland blog.

Alistair also tweets regularly about his work here.

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  1. Brilliant work everyone.

    Great seeing our learners getting hands on experience and having a delightful time.

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