HND Photography Excursion 17th November 16

Over the next few months we would like to share some of the exciting photographic work done by staff and students alike at New College Lanarkshire.  This will include various excursions and teaching methods and hopefully give you an insight into what we believe is an exceptionally high level of photographic study.

On Thursday the 17th of November HND Photography visited Chaultherault Country House to do a fashion shoot.  All 18 students had been planning the shoot for a couple of weeks and no one was disappointed on the day.

Various models were there on the day but the main subject was Jodi Alexander, one of the performing arts students from New College Lanarkshire.  The early part of the lecture was a discussion by lecturer Lewis Napier on how to use a Bowens lighting kit safely and properly.  The whole day evolved around using a combination of natural lighting and flash light and what happens if you get it wrong!  These early images show Jodi, who is very new to modeling, standing waiting on some kind of rapport with the photographer:

The images were taken using the available light in the banqueting hall and a Bowens 500 RR travel pack and the images were shot at a 1/90 @ f5.6.

One of the hardest things for students to learn, whether it be Portraiture or Fashion, is how to communicate with a new model and show them off to their best.

In the first two images of Jodi above, clockwise, you can see that, pretty as she is, the photographs are boring.  looking closely at the image you can also see that she has a collar from the top of the fireplace sticking out of her neck.  Putting her at the right of the frame, and again moving clockwise, you can see what a little shaping of the body can do. Placing her hand on the dark marble also makes the elongated fingers stand out rather than lose them on the white wall

The images above are what I would class as standard photographs for some of the high street stores we visit. In my next blog I would like to show you the difference between this type of fashion and high end fashion for the major magazines using the same model.


You can see here that the photographer and model are working in harmony and how the image is much more appealing to the eye than the pictures taken ten minutes earlier.  The photograph has come straight from the camera and very little Photoshop done.

Even professional models take time to warm up so if you are using someone who is new to modeling try to be patient with them and don’t expect too much. Do your research and have a plan A and B just in case!  Do a recce on the building if you haven’t been there before, your confidence will give the model confidence.


Make sure when you are working with your model that their feet are placed a foot or so apart and that they are well grounded.  By that I mean that they are balanced properly and they can move in any position the photographer asks for and still feel comfortable.

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  1. Great Blog. Good hints for new photographers or those who are nervous with a model.

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