HND Photography Exhibition 2020

Our 2020 HND Photography exhibition comes to you in a different format to our annual Creative Showcase in Motherwell Campus. Understandably, the COVID-19 UK lockdown restrictions have prevented us from holding an in-person exhibition this year.

However, as creatives that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating the great work that our students have produced this year.

I am delighted to present to you the virtual HND Photography Exhibition, “Stories”. Our HND students are a testament to resilience and commitment to their studies and have worked together as a remote team to create this online showcase for you to enjoy. As always, the work reflects the excellent work that our students produce and bearing in mind that a lot of this work was created under lockdown conditions I hope that you will agree with me that this work is a credit to the students.

So please set aside some time and explore our online exhibition space below. (Choose the menu top right to view fullscreen).

Once you have viewed the exhibition we would be delighted if you would leave some comments below to share your views.

Here’s a look at the exhibition catalogue designed and produced by the students.



One thought on “HND Photography Exhibition 2020”

  1. Well done HND’s. What a great exhibition. It is great to see work from those that had the means to continue with their coursework during this difficult time. I appreciate that this won’t have been easy for everyone. It is inspiring that you have each ensured that your creativity and passion for photography was not diminished as a result of the current situation. As Fiona mentioned you are a credit to yourselves as well as your college and your lecturers. I am sure you will agree Fiona did a great job putting this together for you. Well done Fiona, it is great to get to see some end of year work in a refreshing and innovative fashion. All the best HND’s, take care!

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