Introducing Kerri

Meet Kerri!

So here goes, another student’s post, you may think. However I am so much more than just a photography student. I am Kerri! A mother, partner and have a creative vision for my future. I have studied Photography for many years from Access level through to HND.  

For our HND Exhibition as a class we have decided on the Theme ‘Life in Focus’. For this theme I had a really clear idea in mind straight away. As we have now been in a worldwide pandemic for just over a year, this has resulted in being in lockdown for a huge part of the year.  
Throughout this time we have watched families and friends become very distant in day to day life and I certainly learned a lot and appreciate my family and friend more than ever. So for that reason my family are my main influences for my exhibition photographs. I want to show photographs in a truly beautiful, timeless way. For this purpose I will be taking four fine art Portraits. 


Keep your eyes peeled for the Exhibition date. It is going to be amazing! 

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