Location Guide Project

With travel restrictions in place it is not so easy for us photographers to get outdoors and visit our favourite locations for photography. To get ourselves inspired for when the opportunity comes to travel a bit more freely HNC photography have undertake a project to create a location guide for environmental photography.

The class was split into pairs with each pair looking at a different location. We ended up with 9 distinct locations covered with some notes, tips, travel directions and inspirational images gathered.

The results of this project have now been collated into a downloadable document that can be used to guide photography on location. Students have already started to put the research into practice (observing lockdown guidelines and restrictions) with the cover image being shot by Murronrose Dunn following the task. Have a look below…


Some comments from the group on the task…

I enjoyed the task as I thought it was very informative on locations I have never been to/never heard of. The task has inspired me to photograph new locations.

HNC Photography Student

I like getting to know more places and learning how to plan about locations is important to get the shoots I want.

HNC Photography Student

I am passionate about places I love photographing and it was nice to show others what I see. I also liked seeing other locations that I wasn’t aware of and look forward to visiting. It’s given me some very useful tools.

HNC Photography Student

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