Introducing David

Meet David!!

Back in 2015, I started to learn how to use a camera properly during a 2-year evening class through New College Lanarkshire to complete my HNC, and 6 years later, I can’t get enough of it because there are so many things that I’ve never seen before without the use of a camera and has change my life in so many ways already, and what is yet to come.  

I’m David, now a HND Photography student, welcoming you to our 2021 Photography Exhibition. We as a class decided on a theme, “Life in Focus”, and what this means to me, in a literal sense, are the actions we take to make our lives better throughout own abilities to make things happen in life through our natural skills, professions or hobbies, and make a better future for us all, especially now more than ever, with the pandemic we’re living through for over a year.  

Some of my biggest influences are my love for being creative, documentary, journalism, macro, fine art, and black & white. To portray as much detail within an object as possible, will always inspire me to look at the finer things in life, as we usually never notice going through our daily lives. For this reason, I’ve decided to take you through a focused point of view with people’s hands and tell a story through their actions with their natural skills and abilities.  

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