NQ Photography Glasgow Visit

After a successful trip to Edinburgh, the NQ Photography class travelled to the other side of Scotland to visit Glasgow.

The 21st of April started off cold and windy but did not put us off. 

We started by walking along the riverside where the grey skies were evident. By the time we reached the Riverside museum the sun was breaking through.

Meghan 1
Grey Skies by Meghan
Em 1
Cold but smiling
craig and his reflection
Craig finds something interesting
Just checking
EM 2
Kirstie loves old buses
Caitlin Piano
Caitlin’s jazz hands
Happiness in a camera
Got it!!
Laura Aitken Window light
Laura’s window light
kelvingrove 1
Organ recital kelvingrove
IMG_7501 Lauren Park
Lauren has her eye on university
DSC_0774 edit Robyn Stewart
Robyn’s shapes in Black and White
Craig spitfiremk2v2
Craig’s Colourful Spitfire
Another view of kelvingrove
Multi-talented students
John tall ship
John’s boat
horses edit Megan Sharpe
Megan’s ghosts
Still smiling at the end of the day

When we had our fill of interior and exterior images, as well as portraits by window light, we walked to Kelvingrove Art Gallery. 

The images taken will help to form part of the students Media unit and spending class-time on location is great experience.

A tip for those who want to use public buildings for location shoots;

Make contact with the person in charge before you go, asking permission to use the building. This could be by email but I prefer to go in person. This lets them see who you are and you can explain things easier face to face.

Not all locations will be accommodating but if the answer is no, it will pay in the long run to be be courteous. 


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  1. Love the trip to Glasgow images and titles. Looks like a fun day, well done,

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