Photo-Exhibition NEC Birmingham

The photography exhibition stretches for 4 days in March at the NEC in Birmingham. If you are involved in photography in any way I would suggest you at least visit it once in your life.

This year saw some of the worlds best photographers discuss their lives and their images.  For me it is always special to see some of the images  that I have been brought up with and that they have stood the test of time.  The other members of the team who visited, and who are relatively new to the event, also listened to some great stories from the seminars. Indeed one of the team got to meet her hero Charlie Waite so it was worth going just for that alone.  Charlie is one of the worlds leading landscape photographers and his seminar was fascinating. I had to tear Elizabeth away from him!

Charlie + E1

Amongst some of the other great guests were, Albert Watson, Joe McNally, Richard Bradbury and Clive Arrowsmith.  Some of our students were there too and hopefully got so much out of it.  The one thing that was obvious in all the talks was the enthusiasm that these great photographer’s still have after a lifetime doing what they do best.

Here are a few more of the fun images taken over the weekend that include staff,  students, comic con characters and even one of the great Albert Watson. Young Erin, on the motorbike below, was the first in with a question to Clive Arrowsmith about shooting Fashion images.  She is taking this photography lark very seriously, well done.

As well as guest speakers there is every new camera and accessory you can think of, and some you can’t!  Loxley Colour were there too and what a collection of merchandise they had, just when you think you have seen it all………


If you take one or two suggestions by the guest photographer or speaker at a seminar, and you can make use of it, then it was worth the effort of going.

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