Week 7, all systems go

Well what a week this has been!  Tuesday saw the results of the first Pressure Project and there was tension in the air! This is always a nervous time as students judge their peers work, and let me tell you sometimes it isn’t pretty.  There were some really outstanding images and the pick of the bunch this time belonged to Erin Fyfe followed by Katy then Michelle.  I am really looking forward to the second project now to see what changes are made by the students and what they come up with next.

This was their first taste of what it was like to work as a photographer in the real world and allowed them to deal with the general public and try out their communication skills.  Thanks too goes to Wiktoria and Heather from HNC who agreed to model for some of their HND counterparts.

Erin’s Images

By the time it got to Thursday we needed to step up the pace a bit and that is exactly what happened.  The studios were going full out with students doing fashion shoots and I am also looking forward to seeing these images after the October week.

One of the main things that came out of the lecture today was how to get away from the normal lighting sets ups and be a little more creative. The students were shown how to light a model properly so that they don’t need to spend an age sitting on Photoshop trying to soften skin.  It can all be done in the camera and can be achieved, as they saw today, with one light and a well placed reflector.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a whole class so tired at 4pm.  Having said that, I got the feeling that everyone had a great day and went away thinking about what they need to do in the coming months.

I hope they all have a great week off and come back ready for the big push towards Christmas.



  1. Be organised and plan ahead, if you don’t, you’re wasting your time
  2. Lighting doesn’t need to be complicated, use your imagination and think outside the box
  3. Keep a log of what worked and what didn’t, your brain can’t store all the information


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  1. What a fantastic set of images Erin. Well done. Great masterclass on lighting too.

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