What’s Cooking? HNC Photography Lockdown Photo Challenge

Studying remotely can be difficult at times and that is especially true when lots of photographic opportunities are limited at the moment. We have no access to studios and are limited on how far we can travel to take photographs.

That hasn’t stopped New College Lanarkshire Photography lecturers and students getting creative at home. Our HNC Photography students have been set tasks and challenges on a weekly basis which encourage them to be creative at home.

This week the group were set the challenge to photography “something you would find in the kitchen”. The only stipulation was that they should use at least one object or utensil to create the photograph. Images were reviewed in class and congratulations must go to all students for the level of creativity and professional images that they produced.

Check out some of the images below.

  • Image by Lewis Haire
  • Image by Nicola Jeffrey
  • Image by Wendy Thorley-Ryder
  • Image by Heather McIntosh
  • Image by Annalyse Geddes

Keep an eye on our instagram account as we will be sharing more images over there very soon ūüôā

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